AD MC7000

AD MC7000
AD MC7000 AD MC7000 AD MC7000
Brand: AD Professional Audio
Product Code: MC7000
Availability: In Stock
Output 8ohms 1KHz0.1% THD Stereo Model: 2000W x 2
Output 4ohms 1KHz0.2% THD Stereo Model: 3000W x 2
Output 2ohms 1KHz0.3% THD Stereo Model: 4000W x 2
Output 8ohms 1KHz0.4% THD bridge Model: 6000W
Output 4ohms 1KHz0.5% THD bridge Model: 8000W
Signal/noise: 125dB
Slew Rate: 80v/us
Damping factor: 680:1
Fuse: T25A
Power Supply: 4800W

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